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Take Drivers Education in Illinois

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Illinois enlists a Graduated Driver Licensing (GDL) Program for first-time drivers. The three-stage program allows you to progressively work your way toward full driving privileges, and starts with drivers education.

Enroll in a Drivers Ed Course

Once you turn age 15 you can start the Illinois GDL process by signing up for a state-approved drivers education course. If you are age 17 years and 3 months or older, drivers ed isn’t required, but it will help you prepare for the written test when you apply for your instruction permit (Step 2).

Be sure the drivers ed program you enroll in is approved by the IL Secretary of State. During this classroom course, you will learn:

  • Illinois traffic laws
  • IL road signs
  • Safe-driving practices and more

Teens age 15-17 must be at least enrolled in drivers ed (or 30 days prior to active participation) before becoming eligible for an Illinois instruction permit. You don’t have to complete the course before applying, but once you do be sure to obtain a completion certificate as proof that you passed drivers ed through a state-approved program.

Find a Local Driver Education Provider

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