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    Take Drivers Education in Alabama

    Take a State-Approved Drivers Ed Course

    Alabama enlists a Graduated Driver License (GDL) program for teens younger then 18 years old. To start down the path of getting an AL license, minors must complete a drivers education course that is approved by the Alabama State Department of Education (SDE). The course covers:

    • Alabama traffic laws
    • Alabama road signs
    • Safe-driving practices and more

    Once you complete drivers ed, you'll need to present proof that you passed to the state. To do so, use a completed Graduated Driver License form that certifies your completion of an SDE-approved driver education course.

    If you can verify that you practiced driving behind-the-wheel for a minimum of 30 hours, you can skip the course. Just submit a verification form provided by the Alabama Department of Public Safety (DPS) that is signed by your parent or legal guardian or certified driving instructor.

    Exceptions to the Driver Education Rule

    If you are 18 years old or older, you don't have to take drivers ed, but it could help up pass the drivers license exams the first time around. The other cases you are exempt from taking the course is if you are:

    • 17 years old or older and have held a valid driver license for 6 months or longer
    • 16 years old or older and are married and considered the head of the household
    • Legally relieved of minority status

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