This Step: Practice Driving

Driver's License Checklist

Badges Earned:

    Practice Driving in Alabama

    A) Get On the Road

    With a Stage I license (learner’s permit) you can only drive:

    • With a parent, legal guardian or licensed driver (21 years old and up) in the front passenger seat.
    • With a licensed or certified driving instructor in the front passenger seat.

    B) Avoid Traffic Violations

    If you violate the graduated license law restrictions, the state will push the restrictive period back by 6 months or until you turn 18 years old. Although violating one of the above restrictions is considered a traffic violation, you won’t face criminal penalties or court costs. However, if you break a traffic law, you could be issued a citation or warrant. If you get a second moving traffic violation, the state will suspend your permit for 60 days or until you turn 18 years old, whichever is soonest.

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