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    Get a Drivers License in Alabama

    Teen drivers who are 16 years old and older can move on to Stage II to obtain a restricted license if they have permission from a parent or legal guardian to drive without supervision. You must also pass a road skills examination (driving test), pay a fee and agree to abide by certain restrictions.

    A) Make an Appointment

    Make an appointment online to take the road test get your restricted driver's license. Before test day, be sure you are able to furnish a vehicle that's in safe operating condition. A driver license examiner will check the car for required equipment before you start the driving test.

    Find Your Local DPS Office

    B) Take the Road Test

    A licensed driver must drive you to your appointment and stick around in case you don't pass the road test. Then a drivers license examiner will test you on:

    • Right and left turns
    • Signaling
    • Use of marked and unmarked traffic lanes
    • Backing up
    • Observance of traffic signs and signals
    • Quick stops
    • General vehicle control
    • Three point turns
    • And more

    The state only allows one road test per day. So if you bomb it, you can try again after you've had time to improve your driving.

    Get Your Alabama Driver's License

    Stages II and III of the graduated driver license program offer two types of drivers licenses depending on your age and level of driving experience.

    Stage II Restricted License

    Teens who are 16 years old and older will receive a restricted license after passing the driving test. With this license you must NOT:

    • Drive between midnight and 6 a.m. unless accompanied by a parent or legal guardian, accompanied by a licensed driver who is 21 years old or older with parent or legal guardian's consent, going to or from an event sponsored by school or religious organization, going to or from a place of employment or driving for the purpose of a medical, fire or law-enforcement related emergency
    • Have more than 1 passenger in the vehicle other than parents, legal
      guardians or family members
    • Use any hand-held communication devices while driving

    Stage III Unrestricted or Regular License

    Those who are eligible for a Stage III license include:

    • Teens 17 years old and older who have also held a Stage II license for at least 6 months
    • Drivers 18 years old and older who pass the road skills exam

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