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    Get a Learner Permit in Alabama

    In order to legally practice driving on the Alabama roads, all first-time drivers must pass a written exam, obtain an AL learner's license and only get behind the wheel when supervised.

    If you are a teen driver, this is considered Stage I of the Graduated Driver License program. If you are 18 years old or older, the requirements to drive vary slightly, but you'll still want to practice behind the wheel before you take the road test. To do so, you must obtain a learner's license. All first time applicants, who are under 19 years old, must show proof of school enrollment, a diploma or equivalency diploma.

    A) Ace a Few DMV Practice Tests

    Take multiple online practice permit tests before you head to an Alabama DPS driver license office to take your written test. Sample test questions cover topics you’ll find on the actual learner’s permit exam. Be sure you also review the Alabama Driver License Manual.

    B) Gather Required Documents and License Fees

    You can apply for an AL learner’s license (also called a Stage I license) if you are at least 15 years old and can provide the Alabama Department of Public Safety with the following. Keep in mind requirements vary by age:

    Learner License Requirements―15 years old

    • U.S. birth certificate (certified and issued by the Bureau of Vital Statistics)
    • Social Security card
    • Proof of school enrollment or graduation; school enrollment documents include the Form DL1/93, certificate of graduation, GED certificate, certified letter from school officials stating you are enrolled
    • Fees (no checks)

    Learner License Requirements―16 Years and Older

    • 2 documents proving identification, including 1 document with a picture ID OR 3 documents that are non photo ID.
    • Social Security card
    • Proof of school enrollment or graduation (if younger than 19 years old and applying for the first time); see the acceptable requirements listed above
    • Fees (no checks)

    If you are 18 years old or older and want to take all testing at once, you'll need to be accompanied by a licensed driver and provide a road test vehicle that has current car insurance and can pass inspection. For more, see the last step on getting a full license.

    C) Take the AL Learner’s License Exam

    With your required documents and fees in hand, head to a nearby DPS Driver License Division office to take your written learner's license test. Look online for the closest office to keep things simple.

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