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Driver's License Checklist

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    Take Driver Training in Colorado

    A) Enroll in Driver Training

    If you hold a Driver's Education Permit (teens 15 years old to 15 1/2 years old), you must complete behind-the-wheel driver training before applying for you Colorado drivers license. Your options include:

    • 6 hours of driver training with a driving instructor from an approved school
    • 12 hours of driver training with your parent, guardian or alternate permit supervisor*

    *This option only applies to those who live more than 30 miles away from an approved school that offers at least 20 hours of behind-the-wheel training per week.

    Find a Local Driver Education Provider

    Find local driving school locations along with business profiles, reviews and contact information.

    B) Get On the Road

    Minors must also clock an additional 50 hours of driving practice (including 10 hours driven at night). Keep these hours documented on a Driver Time Log Sheet(Form DR 2324).

    C) Get Certification of Completion

    Once you finish all practice hours, make sure your log sheet is also complete and ready for submission for the day you apply for a drivers license.

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