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    Take Driver Training in Connecticut

    Drivers education and driver training requirements include:

    • Commercial Driving School―30 hours classroom training (including Safe Driving Practices course and 2 hours of parent training)
    • High School (Secondary) Driver Education―30 hours classroom training (including Safe Driving Practices course and 2 hours of parent training)
    • Home Training―22 hours classroom-type training, an eight-hour Safe Driving Practices course (including 2 hours of parent/legal guardian training)

    Find a Local Driver Education Provider

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    A) Get On the Road

    No matter which route you choose to complete driver training, you must also clock 40 hours of driving practice. This behind-the-wheel training can be given by any combo of commercial, secondary and parental instruction.

    Learner’s Permit Restrictions

    You cannot have passengers with you except for:

    • A licensed driving instructor who’s giving instructions OR
    • A person who’s giving instructions and is at least 20 years old, had held a driver’s license for at least four consecutive years and whose license hasn’t been suspended in the 4 years leading up to training
    • Your parents or legal guardian, at least one of whom has a valid driver’s license

    Permit holders and newly licensed drivers (16 and 17 years old) must abide by the following additional restrictions:

    B) Get Proof of Driver Education and Training Completion

    Upon completion, your Connecticut licensed driving school will issue you a CS-1 Driver Education Certificate. Hang on to this so you can submit it with the other required documents and fees when you apply for a drivers license.

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