This Step: Take Drivers Education

Driver's License Checklist

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    Take Drivers Education in Connecticut

    A) Enroll in a Drivers Ed Program

    Prepare for the learner’s permit written test by taking drivers education. Here you’ll learn about Connecticut traffic laws, road signs and safe-driving practices that are also covered on the permit test.

    The requirement for drivers ed classroom varies between 22 and 30 hours, depending on where you get trained. The state offers a few options for combining classroom and behind-the-wheel hours. For full details, check out the next step on driver training.

    Find a Local Driver Education Provider

    Find local driver education locations along with business profiles, reviews and contact information.

    B) Study the Connecticut Driver’s Manual

    Download the Connecticut Driver's Manual from the state site, and study it thoroughly along with your drivers ed course material. That way you will be prepared to pass the DMV permit test the first time around.

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