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    Get a Drivers License in Connecticut

    Teen drivers who are 16 and 17 years old must hold a learner's permit for at least 120 days (180 days if you received home training) before they can apply for a Connecticut driver's license. Then, you must:

    A) Make an Appointment

    If you were home trained or attended a commercial driving school without testing, make an appointment for a road test with a CT DMV hub office. You can do this by calling (860) 263-5700 (if you live within the Hartford area) or (800) 842-8222 (if you live outside of the Hartford area).

    B) Take the Road Test

    When you arrive at the DMV to take the test, have with you:

    • Your CT learner's permit.
    • A completed Application for a Non-Commercial Learner Permit and/or Driver License (Form R-229).
    • Your CS-1 Driver Education Certificate from your driver education class.
    • A vehicle that's in safe driving condition.
    • Proof of vehicle registration and car insurance. The insurance certificate must be in the name of the registered owner of the vehicle.

    Upon arriving at the DMV test site, provide the tester with the required documents. At this time your qualified trainer who accompanied you to the test site, must sign your Application for a Non-Commercial Learner Permit and/or Driver License (Form R-229), verifying that you successfully completed all driving training requirements, in presence of the tester.

    If you fail the road test you must:

    • Pay the testing fee at the DMV office and schedule a new road test date.
    • Wait 14 days to take the test again.

    Taking the Road Test at a Commercial or Secondary School

    If your driver education school offers road testing, your instructor will advise you on when you're ready to take the exam. Arrive at the exam with:

    C) Get Your CT Driver's License

    Upon passing, the state will issue you a driver's license. If you took the test through a commercial or secondary school, you must wait 48 hours before visiting your DMV office with your passed Road Test Evaluation Report.

    Teen Drivers 18 or Older

    You must obtain an adult learner's permit before scheduling a road test. Save yourself time by scheduling the permit test online.

    After obtaining the permit, you must:

    • Hold the permit for at least 90 days.
    • When driving during this time, you must be accompanied by someone who is at least 20 years old and has held a drivers license for at least 4 years with no suspensions.
    • You must complete an eight-hour Safe Driving Practice course. You will need a course completion certificate to present at the time of your road test.

    Exemptions to the requirement of holding a permit for 90 days include:

    • Active duty military members stationed out-of-state. To receive the exemption you must present orders and military ID.
    • Any teen permit holder that held a permit for more than 90 days that expired on their 18th birthday and is now applying for an adult learner's permit.
    • Any driver that held a Connecticut driver's license in the past.

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