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    Get a Drivers License in Delaware

    First-time drivers must hold their learner's permit for a certain amount of time before being eligible to graduate to a DE drivers license. Mandatory supervision periods last:

    • 17 years old ―12 months
    • 18 years old and older―at least 10 days after the permit issue date

    Find Your Local DMV Office

    A) Take the Road Test

    Contact the facility that issued your permit; this is where you'll need to take your road test. You don't need to make an appointment, but check to make sure that the particular DMV office administers road tests on the day you planning on heading over. To take the Class D test, you'll need:

    • Your learner's permit
    • Proof of auto insurance (for the road test vehicle*)
    • The drivers license of the person who drove with you

    *You must provide a properly registered vehicle in which to take the road test. If it's been registered in DE, you must also show proof of liability insurance. Then an examiner will conduct a safety inspection before starting the road test.

    Up until test day, you still have to stick to the permit restrictions. Therefore, have a licensed driver accompany you to the road test. This person must be 21 years old or older and should hang out until you finish the road test, just in case you don't pass.

    B) Get Your Delaware Driver's License

    Graduate from Level One Learner' Permit to Regular License

    Your learner's permit automatically converts to a Class D license once you complete a full 12 months of valid driving authority. Any time that your permit was suspended, revoked, canceled, denied, or surrendered does not count. That time will be added to the end of the original period of 12 months.

    Graduate from Temporary Permit to Regular Driver's License

    Once you pass your road test, the state will issue you a Delaware Class D license.

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