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    Get a Learner Permit in Delaware

    Delaware enlists a graduated drivers licensing program for teens looking to get behind the wheel. Regardless of age, if you are a first-time driver you must begin with one of the following learner’s permits.

    • Level One Learner’s Permit―Teens 16 to 17 years old
    • Temporary Instruction Permit―Applicants 18 years old and older

    A) Ace a Few DMV Practice Tests

    Take multiple online practice permit tests before you head to a Delaware Division of Motor Vehicles office to take your written test. Sample test questions cover the DE traffic laws and road signs you’ll find on the actual DMV exam. Be sure you also review the Delaware Driver Manual.

    B) Gather the Appropriate Documents and License Fees

    ALL learner’s permit applicants must provide the state with:

    • Documentation proving your name, date of birth, Social Security number (if eligible) and two proofs of Delaware residency (unless your sponsor* is a licensed Delaware driver living at the same address; see the state’s Required Documentation Table
    • Proper fees (cash, check, money order, VISA or MasterCard)

    In addition to the above-listed requirements, minors must also:

    • Delaware Driver Education Certificate (Blue Certificate)
    • Notarized sponsor signature on application*

    *Sponsor Requirements for Minors

    Minors working toward their first drivers license need a sponsor willing to sign their application (either notarized or in the presence of a Division licensing employee). The state lists the following sponsors for teens in order of preference:

    • Father or mother (if both parents live together in Delaware at the same home you reside in)
    • Father who lives in DE, and you reside with him only; mother who lives in DE, and you reside with her only; Father or mother if either lives in DE, but you live with neither parent and have no legal guardian within the state
    • Your legal guardian or court-appointed custodian, duly appointed as such under the laws of this State.
    • Any suitable person acceptable to the Secretary of Transportation or the Chief of Driver Services

    Not only is your sponsor held jointly responsible for any damages resulting from your negligence, this person has the final say on whether you are ready to handle the responsibility that comes with driving. Sponsors can also designate who may supervise your driving.

    C) Take the Delaware Permit Exam

    After gathering your requirements, take your eye screen and written knowledge test at a nearby DE DMV office. Keep in mind that you must eventually take your road test at the same office that issues your learner’s permit.

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