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    Take Driver Training in Hawaii

    Driver training is the second portion of your drivers ed requirement. If you are younger than 18 years old, you must complete driver's ed and behind-the-wheel-training (driver training is not required for those 18 years old and older).

    Find a Local Driver Education Provider

    Find local driving school locations along with business profiles, reviews and contact information.

    A) Get On the Road

    Learner’s Permit Restrictions

    While completing your driver training, you must practice in the presence of an adult who:

    • Is at least 21 years old and licensed to operate the same type of motor vehicle
    • Occupies the seat next to you
    • Is also your parent or guardian if it’s between 11:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m; this supervising driver must also be seated next to you

    You and all passengers must also wear your seat belts any time you drive. You must also ensure that any children younger than 4 years old are properly restrained in a child safety seat in compliance with state laws.

    Get the Behind-the-Wheel Completion Certificate

    After you pass the driver training portion with a DOT-certified instructor, you’ll receive proof of completion. Once you are ready to take your road test, you’ll submit this behind-the-wheel completion certificate to the state.

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