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    Get a Drivers License in Hawaii

    Apply for a Classified Driver License (that bears no restrictions) with the steps below. Keep in mind you must also pass a written exam on Hawaii traffic laws and road signs and vision test before taking the road test.

    If you are younger than 18 years old, you still must fulfill the graduated driver license driving requirements of Phase One and Phase Two.

    GDL Phase One

    Before you can apply for an instructional permit, you must be 15 1/2 years old . You will be required to:

    • Possess a valid Hawaii instructional permit for a period of 180 days
    • Maintain a valid instructional permit without any pending violations that could result in suspension or revocation

    After completing this period, you can move on to Phase Two after passing a road test.

    A) Make an Appointment at the HI DOT

    Your last hurdle before getting your Hawaii drivers license is to pass a road examination test at a nearby HI DOT drivers license office. Look online for a nearby branch, and then ask about making a driving test appointment. Not all locations offer this option.

    Find Your Local DMV Office

    B) Take the Road Test

    When heading to the HI testing station you must be accompanied by a licensed driver. Be sure you bring the following to your appointment:

    • Proof of name, date of birth and Social Security number
    • Proper fees (these vary by county; contact the particular branch for more info)
    • A vehicle in safe operating condition along with a safety inspection certificate and no-fault insurance card

    During the road test, you won't be asked to violate any laws and the examiner will not try to trick you. Also, no passengers will be allowed to accompany you.

    GDL Phase Two Applicants

    After completing Phase One and turning 16 years old, you can graduate to Phase Two to earn a provisional license. Again, you must provide completion certificates for your drivers education classroom course and behind-the-wheel driver training. Also have your instructional permit (held at least 180 days) on you before taking the road test. Once you pass the driving test, you'll begin Phase Two of the GDL process.

    Get Your Hawaii Driver's License

    Provisional Drivers License

    With your provisional Class C license, you must follow these restrictions:

    • You can only transport 1 passenger younger than 18 years old if they are not a household member
    • You can drive between 11:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m. only when accompanied by a licensed parent or guardian unless driving to and from employment or driving to and from the driver's school-authorized activity; during these hours.
    • All passengers must use safety belts or child restraints

    To graduate to a full license, you must have held your provisional license for 6 months and be at least 17 years old.

    Full Drivers License

    Once you complete all of the graduated driver license driving requirements, you'll earn a full driver's license. Be mindful of the expiration date so that you renew on time as there is no grace period after it expires. If you allow your license to be void, you can still renew within a year but you will have to follow the procedure for an original license all over again.

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