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    Get a Drivers License in Kansas

    Depending on the permit you hold, your license requirements might vary.

    • Instruction Permit―Must be held 1 year in order to advance to restricted license (only if you are 14 years old, 15 years old, or 16 years old)
    • Less Restricted Farm Permit―Must be held 6 months or until you turn 17 years old (whichever comes first); if you comply with all laws the restrictions no longer apply

    For those 17 years old and older, apply for unrestricted license with the steps below.

    Applying for a Restricted License―15 years old Years Old

    To get a restricted license you must:

    • Must be 15 years old
    • Take a vision screening test
    • Obtain parental approval
    • Pass a drivers ed program
    • Hold an instruction permit for at least 1 year
    • Have completed at least 25 hours of driving if 15 years old, and 50 hours before turning 16 years old

    Except for taking the written and driving test, you will go through the following steps once you have met the above conditions.

    A) Make an Appointment at the KS DOR

    To land a license, all license applicants must pass a road test at a nearby KS DOR drivers license office; if you aren't in the GDL program you will also take a written test (unless you have a certificate of completion from driver education) and a vision screening test.

    Look online for a nearby branch, and then ask about making a driving test appointment.

    Find Your Local DOR Office

    B) Take the Vision Screening, Written and Road Tests

    After you pass the vision screening and written tests (this might have been completed in an earlier phase of the licensing process), you'll take a driving test as your third and final exam before getting a license. When heading to the branch office you must be accompanied by a licensed driver. Be sure you bring the following:
    • Proof of age and identity
    • Proof of legal presence
    • Proof of Kansas residency and proof of principal address
    • Affidavit show 50 hours of practice driving (if you are applying for a Less Restricted Privileges License or if you are 17 years old and applying for an Unrestricted License)
    • Proper fees (consult the Driving Handbook for current fees)
    • Proof of liability insurance for the vehicle you furnish for the road test*

    *You must provide a road test vehicle representative of the class of license for which you are applying. It will be safety checked at the testing site to ensure the vehicle is proper working condition.

    Get Your Kansas Driver's License

    Restricted License

    With your restricted license, you must follow these restrictions:

    • You may only drive to and from work or school
    • You can drive anytime/anywhere with a licensed adult
    • You may not transport any non-sibling minor passengers
    • You may not use any wireless communication devices while driving except if you need to report illegal activity or to call for medical or emergency help

    You can graduate to less restricted privileges when you turn 16 years old years old as long as you submit your Affidavit of 50 hours of practice driving to the state and have maintained a satisfactory driving record.

    Less Restricted Privileges License

    With your less restricted privileges you may:

    • Drive anywhere from 5 a.m. to 9 p.m.
    • Drive anytime to or from work or authorized school activities
    • Drive anytime with a licensed adult
    • Only transport no more than 1 passenger who is a non-sibling younger than 18 years old
    • Not use any wireless communication devices while driving except if you need to report illegal activity or to call for medical or emergency help

    Once you turn 17 years old or after you've held this less-restricted license for 6 months (whichever comes first), the restrictions will no longer apply only if you have complied with all these laws up until the point of graduating to an unrestricted license.

    Unrestricted License

    After passing the road test, you'll earn an unrestricted driver's license.

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