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    Take Drivers Education in Louisiana

    The state requires all first-time drivers to pass one of two types of drivers education courses approved by the Louisiana Department of Public Safety and Corrections or the Department of Education. These include a drivers education course which is 38 hours and a pre-licensing course which is 6 hours.of classroom work and 8 hours behind-the-wheel training. Both cover Louisiana traffic laws, Louisiana road signs, safe-driving practices and more.

    • Under 18 years old―Must pass the drivers ed course to become eligible for a learner’s permit
    • 18 years old and over―Must pass either the drivers ed course of 38 hours or a pre-licensing course of 6 hours classroom instruction and 8 hours behind the wheel training. You will need one of these courses to become eligible for a learner’s permit OR Class E driver’s license

    Once you finish the course, obtain a certificate of successful completion to submit to the Office of Motor Vehicles when you apply for either a Louisiana learner’s permit or driver’s license. Without proof that you passed driver education, the state will not grant you driving privileges.

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