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    Get a Learner Permit in Maine

    Teens at least 15 years old can apply for a Maine instruction permit once you pass a state-approved driver ed course. If you are 18 years old or older, you can skip drivers ed and move on to the steps below.

    A) Ace a Few DMV Practice Permit Tests

    Prepare for the written exam by taking multiple online practice permit tests before heading to a nearby Maine Bureau of Motor Vehicles branch. Sample test questions cover topics you’ll find on the actual Maine instruction permit exam.

    In addition to passing some practice tests, thoroughly study the Maine Motorist Handbook and Study Guide. That way you will be prepared to breeze through the actual Maine permit test with ease.

    Make an Appointment to Take The Written Exam and Visual Screening

    If you are 18 years old or older (and not taking drivers education), look online for a nearby Maine Bureau of Motor Vehicles branch office and inquire about making an appointment to take your written and vision tests. If you are 16 years old you must take driver's education before you can apply for a full license.

    If you are enrolled in drivers ed, most providers process the permit application forms for you through the Bureau of Motor Vehicles. In this case, you would not need to head to the Maine BMV to apply for an instruction permit. You will simply receive it in the mail.

    B) Gather Required Documents and Permit Fees

    Again if you are 18 years old or older and not enrolled in a drivers ed program, you must provide the following to the state as well as take the written and vision tests at the ME BMV. If you are enrolled in drivers ed and it turns out you are also responsible for completing your paperwork, you must mail the following items to the BMV Driver License Services Division in Augusta.

    • Your completed application
    • Your driver education completion certificate
    • Your birth certificate (an original or photocopy with an embossed seal or stamp of issuing agency will suffice, notarized copies will not); the state will return this document to you
    • Social Security card (only if you are applying in person)
    • $10 permit exam fee. Check or money order for the payable to the Secretary of State

    C) Take the Written Permit Test

    With the above requirements in hand, arrive early at your BMV appointment. Then be prepared to take a vision screening to measure your visual acuity and peripheral vision and a written test on:

    • Maine traffic laws and regulations
    • Driving skills and vehicle handling
    • Highway signs
    • ME’s drinking and driving laws

    Once you pass, you’ll receive an instruction permit.

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