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    Get a Drivers License in Michigan

    For teens 16 years old and older to graduate from a Level 1 learner's license to a Level 2 intermediate license, and for those 17 years old and older to obtain a full license, you must pass a driving skills test with an approved independent third-party tester.

    A) Ensure You're Eligible to Take the Road Test

    Before test day, review the Michigan Driving Skills Test Study Guide and make sure you have the following requirements in line.

    Teens Younger than 18 Years Old

    Before you can take the road skills test make sure you:

    • Have completed Segment 1 of an approved driver education course
    • Have held a Michigan Level 1 license for at least 180 days before test day
    • Have completed Segment 2 of an approved public or private driver education program
    • Can verify you logged a minimum of 50 hours of practice driving (including 10 hours at night) under proper supervision; see Appendix A of the Driving Skills Test Study Guide to obtain your Student Driving Experience Log
    • Have no convictions, civil infractions, license suspensions or at-
      fault crashes during the period immediately preceding your driving skills test and Level 2 application

    Teens 18 Years Old and Older

    Before you can take the road skills test you must have:

    • Already passed the vision and knowledge (written) tests at an MI Secretary of State office
    • Paid the required fees to obtain your Michigan temporary instruction permit (TIP)
    • Practiced driving on your TIP for at least 30 days

    B) Make a Road Test Appointment at the MD MVA

    The driving skills test is only provided by a privatized, third-party testing program. Look online for public and private organizations authorized by the MI Department of State to conduct road tests. Keep in mind that the state doesn't regulate third-party testing fees. Consider asking about initial and retest fees, refunds, etc. before booking an appointment.

    Find Your Local SOS Office

    C) Gather Required Documents

    Ensure you have the following in line for test day:

    • Your valid Michigan Level 1 license (minors) or temporary instruction permit
    • Segment 2 drivers ed completion certificate (if applicable)
    • Certification statement verifying that you completed at least 50 hours of supervised driving (10 hours at night) signed by your parent or legal guardian*
    • Proof of valid auto insurance, current vehicle registration and valid license plates for the test vehicle you provide; the vehicle must be in safe working order

    *Your parent or legal guardian can sign the statement on your driving skills test score sheet when you take your exam. If this person can't make it to your driving skills test, use the certification statement in Appendix A of the Michigan Driving Skills Test Study Guide. Get it signed and submit the statement to the third-party examiner.

    D) Take the Road Test

    With your required documents and fees in hand, head to your appointment a little bit early. Teens must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian (or an adult appointed by your parent or legal guardian).

    The test consists of the following segments you must pass in the following sequence: vehicle familiarization and safety inspection (not scored), a basic control skills test and an on-road driving test. After you complete the road test, the examiner will give you feedback on your driving performance.

    Road Test Retakes

    If you don't pass the road test, you have the option to retest.

    E) Get Your Full Michigan Driver's License

    Once you pass the driving skills test, you'll receive a skills test certificate that you and the examiner must sign. This is not a license. Take your certificate to a Secretary of State office to get your full driving privileges and a shiny new license.

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