This Step: Get a Drivers License

Driver's License Checklist

Badges Earned:

    Get a Drivers License in Montana

    Once you have held your instruction permit for at least 6 months and can meet all the requirements below, you can apply for a first-year restricted license and eventually graduate to a full license.

    A) Make a Road Test Appointment at the MT MVD

    Only some Montana Motor Vehicle Division driver exam stations require scheduled appointments. Check online and schedule your road test appointment if necessary. Otherwise you'll take your road test and apply for your Montana drivers license on a first-come, first-served basis.

    Find Your Local MVD Office

    B) Gather Required Documents and Montana License Fees

    When applying for your driver's license, you must submit the following to the Montana Motor Vehicle Division.

    *You must also provide a road test vehicle with current registration. Before your road test begins, an examiner will ensure it's in safe working condition.

    C) Take the Road Test

    With your required documents and fees in hand, head to a Montana driver exam station to take the driving test. You must be accompanied by a licensed driver.

    Road Test Retakes

    If you fail any of the required exams, you have the option to retest. When you pay the test fees, you'll receive a driver license receipt valid for one year. This receipt allows you three tries within one year to successfully pass all required tests. Keep in mind the state will not renew your receipt, and if you don't complete the licensing process within that year, you must reapply and start over.

    Get Your Montana Driver's License

    First-Year Restricted License

    Once you pass the road test and meet all other requirements, you'll receive a first-year restricted license. Any time you drive you must abide by these restrictions:

    • All vehicle occupants must wear seat belts
    • You may not drive between 11 p.m. and 5 a.m. except during emergencies, farm-related activities, traveling to and from school, church or work, and specific parent-authorized situations
    • During the first 6 months, you may only have 1 passenger, who is unrelated, younger than 18 years old in your vehicle (unless you are supervised by a licensed driver who is 18 years old or older)
    • During the second 6 months, you may only have 3 passengers, who are unrelated, younger than 18 years old in your vehicle (unless you are supervised by a licensed driver who is 18 years old or older)

    As the name implies, the above restrictions only lasts 1 year.

    Full Privilege Driver License

    The state lifts your first-year license restrictions once you turn 18 years old or on the date indicated on the back of your driver license (one year after issuance). At that point, your first-year restricted license converts to a full privilege driver license.

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