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Driver's License Checklist

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    Get a Drivers License in North Carolina

    Ensure You're Eligible to Apply for a Driver's License

    Teens 18 and Older

    For those 18 years old and older, you must have passed a vision, traffic sign and written test before taking your driving test for a regular drivers license. Check out the requirements and details below.

    Teens Younger than 18

    To graduate your learner permit to a limited provisional license, you must be at least 16 years old (but not older than 18 years old). You must also have held your learner permit for at least 12 months and have had no motor vehicle moving violation convictions or seat belt/mobile telephone infractions within the preceding 6 months. Your parent or guardian must sign for you when you apply.

    B) Make a Road Test Appointment at the NC DMV

    If possible, schedule your road test appointment at a North Carolina DMV examining station. Not all locations book appointments, so you must call a specific office to get more details.

    Find Your Local DMV Office

    C) Gather Required Documents and North Carolina License Fees

    When applying for your driver's license, be prepared to submit the following to the state:

    *You must provide a road test vehicle driven to the testing site by a licensed driver. Before your road test begins, an examiner will ensure it is in safe working condition.

    Teens younger must also present a certificate showing you passed a state-approved driver education course. You must also bring your parent with you when you apply for a license to sign for you.

    D) Take the Road Test

    With your required documents and fees in hand, head to the NC DMV examining station to take any required tests and apply for your drivers license. All first-time applicants will take their on-the-road driving skills test once they have passed their written and vision tests.

    E) Get Your North Carolina Driver's License

    Limited Provisional License

    While on a limited provisional license, you must abide by the following restrictions:

    • You may only drive unsupervised from 5 a.m. to 9 p.m.
    • You may only drive unsupervised when heading directly to or from work or any volunteer fire, rescue or emergency medical service
    • You may have no more than 1 passenger who is younger than 21 years old in the vehicle
    • You may NOT use a mobile telephone or other additional technology associated with a mobile phone while driving on public vehicular areas (unless you are faced with an emergency; in that case, you can call an emergency response operator, hospital, physician's office, health clinic, ambulance company, fire departments, law enforcement agency or your parent, legal guardian or spouse)

    After holding your limited provisional license for 6 months, you can graduate to a full provisional license. You must have no moving violation convictions or seat belt/mobile phone infractions within the preceding 6 months.

    Full Provisional License

    With a full provisional license you can drive unsupervised at any time; the restrictions on level one and two regarding time of driving, supervision and passenger limitations no longer apply. The only restriction is that you still can't use a mobile telephone while driving.

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