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    Get a Drivers License in New Jersey

    First-time drivers who are at least 17 years old must complete the supervised driving period without any suspensions or postponements. Then, to apply for a New Jersey driver's license you must:

    A) Make an Appointment

    Make an appointment online to take the road test and get your probationary drivers license. If you are 18 years old or older and already have a probationary license, skip to part C for info on getting your basic drivers license.

    B) Take the Road Test

    On test day, you must:

    C) Get Your New Jersey Driver's License

    Your age will determine what kind of license the state issues you.

    Probationary License

    Teens 17 years old and older will receive a probationary license. It comes with specific requirements and restrictions you must follow for at least 1 year. Then you have to return to the NJ MVC after this period to get a basic driver's license.

    Basic Driver's License

    If you are at least 18 years old and already hold a probationary license, you can upgrade to a basic drivers license by:

    • Completing the unsupervised driving period
    • Gathering you provisional license and documents to pass the 6 Point ID and Address Verification process
    • Visiting any New Jersey MVC agency with the proper fees

    Find Your Local MVC Office

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