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    Get a Learner Permit in New Jersey

    A) Ace a Few DMV Practice Tests

    Take multiple online practice permit tests before you head to a Motor Vehicle Commission office to take your written test. Sample test questions cover topics you’ll find on the actual learner’s license exam (traffic laws, road signs, safe-driving practices and more). Be sure you also review the New Jersey Driver Manual.

    B) Gather the Appropriate Documents

    You can apply for a student learner’s permit (16 years old) or an examination permit (17 years old) at a nearby Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC) office. Be sure you first gather the proper requirements for the permit you are eligible to attain.

    Student Learner’s Permit Requirements for 16 Year Olds:

    • A primary 6 point ID (civil birth certificate, US Passport, US Department of State birth certificate, US adoption papers, certificate of naturalization or certificate of citizenship)
    • Proof of enrollment in a driver training course
    • A signed letter with parental or guardian consent

    Examination Permit Requirements for 17 to 21 Year Olds:

    You can get your examination permit through a licensed driving instructor. Or you can visit the NJ MVC with the following:

    C) Take the New Jersey Written Knowledge Test

    Look online for a nearby New Jersey MVC branch to take your permit test. You must be accompanied by a licensed driving instructor to get a student learner's permit. All applicants must do the following to obtain either a student learner's permit or an examination permit:

    Once you pass, the state will issue a permit that MUST be with you any time you drive a car. Both student learner’s permits and examination permits are valid for 2 years.

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