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    Take Drivers Education in New Mexico

    Take a Drivers Education Course

    New Mexico enlists a graduated driver license (GDL) system for teens younger than 18 years old looking to get their first drivers license. You can start by enrolling in and attending a driver education course approved by the Traffic Safety Bureau. If you pass a state-approved course that includes a DWI education component, you can skip taking the written exam when you apply for an instructional permit at the NM Motor Vehicle Division office.

    New drivers 18 to 24 years old are required to complete a DWI awareness class (see the next section), but aren’t required to complete drivers ed. However, taking a drivers education course could enhance your driving skills and knowledge and help you pass any license exams.

    A state-approved drivers ed course covers:

    • New Mexico traffic laws
    • New Mexico road signs
    • Safe-driving practices and more

    Once you complete drivers education, you’ll need to show proof that you passed to the New Mexico Motor Vehicle Division. If you can provide a Certificate of Completion from a state-approved school that includes the DWI component, the state will waive your written test. Simply present the certificate to the MVD when you apply for your instructional permit.

    Take a Self-Study DWI Awareness Class

    All drivers license applicants 18 to 24 years old must complete None for the Road, a self-study DWI awareness class. If you enrolled in a state-approved drivers course, the DWI component will be included. If you opted out of taking drivers ed, you can take this course separately before you apply for an instructional permit.

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