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    Get a Learner Permit in Ohio

    To legally practice driving on Ohio roads, all first-time drivers must obtain a Temporary Instruction Permit Identification Card (TIPIC). All you have to do is meet the requirements below, including passing the written and vision tests.

    If you are younger than 18 years old, you must go through the state's graduated driver licensing program to get your TIPIC. To do so, teens must meet the same requirements below and also be accompanied by a parent or guardian to co-sign the instruction permit application. The minimum age to apply is 15 years and 6 months.

    A) Ace a Few DMV Practice Permit Tests

    Before you take the written permit exam at an Ohio Driver Examination Station (DX), take multiple online practice permit tests to prepare. Sample test questions cover topics (motor vehicle regulations, traffic signs, etc.) that you’ll find on the actual OH written test.

    In addition to passing some practice tests, thoroughly study the Digest of Ohio Motor Vehicle Laws until you feel prepared enough to breeze through the actual Bureau of Motor Vehicles instruction permit test.

    B) Gather Required Documents and Permit Fees

    Make sure you have the following in check for your visit to an Ohio Driver Examination Station (DX) to take your written examination and visual screen test.

    • Proof of full legal name, date of birth and Social Security number
    • Proof of legal presence (U.S. birth certificate, valid U.S. passport/passport card, naturalization papers, USCIS documents)
    • Proof of residency

    For more specific details, check the state’s full list of acceptable documents.

    C) Take the Written and Vision Tests at the DX

    With the above requirements in hand, go to a nearby Ohio Driver Examination Station. After taking the vision and written exams here, you’ll also need to answer some questions on your physical health and any medical conditions you might have.

    D) Apply for Your Instruction Permit at the Deputy Registrar

    Once you pass both tests at the DX, go to your local Ohio Deputy Registrar License Agency to apply for your Temporary Instruction Permit Identification Card (TIPIC). Bring all the above documents with you, and be prepared to pay your pay the $22 TIPIC Packet fee.

    If you are a minor, you must be accompanied by your parent or legal guardian to co-sign your temporary permit application. If you have neither, get a responsible person to come with you who is willing to assume the obligations imposed under the Ohio Administrative Code. Your co-signer must also present verification documents of identification.

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