This Step: Get a Drivers License

Driver's License Checklist

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    Get a Drivers License in Rhode Island

    A) Make Sure You're Eligible for a Driver's License

    Rhode Island Limited Provisional License

    You're eligible to apply if:

    • You have held your limited instruction permit for at least 6 months, without any traffic violations or seat belt infractions
    • You've completed at least 50 hours of driving (at least 10 hours at night)

    Rhode Island Full Operator's License

    You're eligible to apply if:

    • You're at least 17 years old
    • You've held your limited provisional driver's license for at least 1 year
    • You had no traffic violations during the prior 6 months

    B) Make a Road Test Appointment

    Road tests are by appointment only with any DMV branch location.

    Find Your Local DMV Office

    C) Gather Required Documents and Rhode Island License Fees

    Make sure you bring to the road test:

    • Your permit
    • Proof of car insurance
    • A vehicle registered in Rhode Island, including a valid RI inspection sticker, and either the owner of the vehicle or a notarized letter from the owner granting permission to use the vehicle
    • A signed letter from a parent or guardian verifying completion of the DMV's driving requirement of 50 hours, if younger than 18 years old

    The test will be rescheduled if you arrive without any of the required documents.

    D) Take the Road Test

    During the road test you will be graded on:

    • Driving preparation
    • Driving in traffic
    • Obeying traffic signals and signs
    • Stopping
    • Backing up
    • Vehicle control
    • Judging speeds
    • Yielding to pedestrians

    E) Get Your Rhode Island Driver's License After Passing Test

    RI Limited Provisional License

    This license will automatically expire when you turn 18 years old. Until then, you must obey the following driving restrictions:

    • No driving between 1 a.m. and 5 a.m unless accompanied by a licensed driver
    • You cannot drive during the 1st year with more than 1 passenger younger than 21 years old (family members exempted)

    RI Full Operator's License

    There are no driving restrictions.

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