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    Take Drivers Education in South Carolina

    If you're younger than 17 years old and hold a beginner's permit, you must, before taking a road test, complete a state-approved drivers education course. This may be one of the most important classes you ever take. A certified instructor will combine classroom training with time behind the wheel to teach you the basic skills needed for becoming a lifelong safe driver. You'll learn:

    • South Carolina traffic laws
    • Road sign recognition
    • Passing techniques
    • Parallel parking (a major road test stumbling block)
    • The importance of adjusting mirrors
    • Backing
    • Night driving tips and much more

    Most South Carolina high schools have incorporated drivers ed into the curriculum, making for easy enrollment. If you opt for an independent drivers education program, make certain it meets state approval. To receive credit for the course, you'll need to complete a Certification of School Attendance, Driver's Education and Driving Practice form(Form PDLA), obtaining all proper signatures. File this form in a safe place. You'll need to present it when applying for your driver's license.

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