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    Take Drivers Education in South Dakota

    Out of all the classes you study as a teenager, few carry as much lasting impact as drivers education. Under the guidance of a certified driving instructor you are schooled on how to become a lifelong safe driver. While spending valuable time behind the wheel, you're taught the finer points of:

    • Changing lanes
    • Maintaining proper speed
    • Turning at intersections
    • Parking
    • Backing
    • Road sign identification
    • South Dakota traffic laws
    • Driving at night and in foul weather
    • Respecting other drivers and much more

    Drivers education is not a requirement for obtaining a South Dakota driver's license. But as an incentive for completing a course, the Department of Public Safety will reduce your instruction permit holding time from 180 days to 90 days. The drivers education course must be approved by the Department of Education to receive credit. A certificate of completion will serve as your verification.

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