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    Practice Driving in Vermont

    Your learner's permit allows you to hone your driving skills in preparation for the road test. If younger than 18 years old, you're required to hold your permit for a minimum of 1 year. During this time you must obey the state's driving restrictions.

    A) Know Your Learner's Permit Restrictions

    You may drive within Vermont's borders, regardless of time, provided you're accompanied in the front seat by one of the following persons:

    • A licensed and unimpaired parent or legal guardian
    • A licensed or certified and unimpaired drivers ed instructor
    • A licensed and unimpaired adult 25 years old or older

    In addition, you cannot use any type of portable electronic device while driving.

    B) Get On the Road

    As part of the eligibility process for a junior operator's license, you must, while holding your permit, complete a minimum of 40 hours of supervised driving, with 10 hours occurring at night. Take these driving hours seriously. Vermont learner permits are provisional. This means your permit, at the request of a parent or guardian, can be recalled by the DMV if you're judged as a driving risk.

    C) Get Proof of Practice Hours

    Record your hours using the DMV's Driving Practice Log Sheet (Form TA-VN-210). You will need to submit this form when applying for your junior operator's license. Be sure one of your driving supervisors (parent, guardian, instructor, licensed driver 25 years old or older) certifies it with a signature.

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